JS Project

JS Property targets for developing commercial and residential properties in upper local regions in Australia. With the expansion of projects development and the maturity of business operation, JS Property would be able to offer an increasing number of higher rewarding opportunities, developing more high standard amazing architecture and design projects.

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Our real estate elite group will provide customers with one stop service at every stage of every project with its rich experience, professional knowledge and rigorous working attitude. Over past years, JS Group has firmly cooperated with top design firms, city planners, leading developers, financial institutions, accounting legal consultants, sales and marketing teams efficiently, and also been maintaining good relationship with the local municipal departments. Thus we have incomparable advantages in developing and managing high-quality projects to make every property planning a true success.

The Nine Consulting

ABN 76 607 087 007

The Nine Consultancy Company provides one-stop services in the whole process of real estate developing management, including market research, project evaluation, financial support, land acquisition, project starting up, project construction management, project marketing, completion and delivery of project. Our experienced expertise team, cooperation closely and efficiently with several Australian top design firms, city planners, leading builders, financial institutions, legal and accounting consultants, sales and marketing teams, and also maintaining good relationship with local municipal departments grant the Nine Consultancy incomparable advantages in developing and management of high quality properties.

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