JS Investment

JS Group has been dedicating to create profits for customers all the time with its abundant business operations in real estate, finance, film and TV entertainment, trade, education ,tourism, catering and Luxury in the spirit of diversification, innovation and enterprise.

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Goonawarra Vineyard


Buyout historically significant Victoria Goonawarra Vineyard, which was founded in 1863, is one of our foremost investment strategies. JS would create a new concept winery chateau brand together with contemporary outstanding cross-sector artist Simon Ma(Ma Xingwen),Hollywood studio entertainment firms, several Chinese entertainment media firms and our most excellent local designers and trained counselors group.
The winery chateau IP project would be a culture industrial model based on the combination of internationalization and diversification. This IP project would be an important cornerstone of our winery chateau grand blueprint, and the first step toward our goal establishing a full equipped film and TV cultural industrial base.
Our new renovated multifunctional winery chateau would be able to offer creative Boutique Suites, Hollywood theme hotels, Simon Ma Living Art Museum, the global stars club, star restaurants, theme cafes, luxury villas around the golf course, a huge catering for wedding party and private racecourses.

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JS has been investing heavily in E-Landnet, a new concept online-to-offline home building materials shopping mall, aiming at Australian huge market potential at home building and construction. The first phase of the project E-Landnet is planning to construct an offline exhibition hall more than 50 thousands square in Moorabbin located in Melbourne, Australia. This exhibition hall would be officially opened on 1st June 2017.Direct selling and interactive experience physical store would be extended sequentially in Sydney and Brisbane in 2018.The third phase will expand worldwide into New Zealand, the European Union, the United Kingdom, America and Canada .
E-Landnet products include furnitures, construction materials, home, home personal tailoring and home services. Our customers will obtain the whole design solution with one stop shopping experience.

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JS Entertainment

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JS Entertainment is a professional film and television company whose main business is IP incubation, IP operation, film and television investment, production services, industry chain mergers and acquisitions and integration. Since the beginning of its establishment, the Company has established an investment direction centering on thrillers, horror-themed movies and cult movies. It has joined hands with top Hollywood directors, producers and project resources, looked at the global market, and strove to create the film and television cultural boutique with both commercial prospects and artistic value. Up to now, the Company has fully developed contracted directors, IP and directors incubation, single investment and other businesses, established strategic partnerships with Hollywood senior talents and production teams, and completed the deep integration of group capital, which is ready for the Company's comprehensive and rapid development in the future.

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JS Art College


JS Art College is committed to the investment in education industry. It hopes to jointly build an art college with the background in Hollywood film and television. JAC is able to conduct the preparatory courses and vocational education training courses of Australia universities in both Australia and Overseas.

JAC has established strategic partnership with the departments of visual arts in several universities in Australia, and has carried out various cooperation methods, such as cooperative school running, joint progression, and common certification, to seek opportunities for our students who complete the international course of visual art training to enter universities and non-degree educational training.

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